I am 29 years old. I love to design clean, smart and effective works. Most of my projects focus on backend and frontend development, web design, print, media, identity & branding.

As a web developer, my greatest assets are my range of skills and my unquestionable hunger to learn, evolve and perfect. I am well-versed in the idioms and practices of server-side development, but also experienced in creating usable, rich user experiences and clean, vibrant designs. I am a fervent believer in developing projects in the best possible way, from research to usability testing, which means that I have always enjoyed thriving working relationships with colleagues, be they designers or project managers.

What can I do for you?

As a developer I can manage and work on complex web solutions from the begining to their succesful end. My abilities include transformation of ideas into specification (Models, Logic, Use-Cases), Graphic design, User Interface design (jQuery, AJAX), Backend development (Yii, Symfony, Zend, ElasticSearch, PHP5, JAVA) and finally also the project maintanance.